Saturday, February 16, 2008


Some of you may have been looking for us on Facebook. Up until last we week we had a combined profile (Jennie.Mark Baddeley) on the basis that another two email accounts (which is pretty much what Facebook is, only with pictures), could be fatal. And the whole 'one flesh' relationship of marriage was the spiritual justification for this. High moral ground is always a great place to stand.

But Facebook didn't agree.

They kicked us off because we weren't one person. And so we don't have an account anymore. Maybe we'll go back on as individuals sometime, but given how far behind we are at answering emails I doubt we'll be doing it anytime soon.

So this is just to say that even though we aren't on Facebook any longer we do still have a meaningful existence. We just have less cows thrown at us and no-one writes on our wall or plays scrabble with us, or gives us presents which hatch into tigers, or steals our superpowers.

And yet, somehow, life goes on. JMB

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Baddelim Humour - You've Been Warned

Life here has been returning to normal. 'Normal' as in what passes for that as Jonathan passes the five week mark. He's begun learning to smile and seems to enjoy baths. We have been to church the last two Sunday's as a family of three - quite a milestone for us. It was kind of cool to go together as a unit of more than two. Jennie has managed to do some writing (almost finishing her SALT article) despite Jonathan's ongoing assault on her valiant attempts to sleep.

I got to my lectures last week (having decided to drop eveything except what I absolutely had to go to, given that the illness wiped a solid three weeks from my life). Despite the fact that I was up by half-way through last week and got to the lectures, it took a disturbingly long time before my body recovered enough for me to start to feel like I wanted to do things, or was able to read with profit. This has meant that, apart from the last three days, the last time I did solid work on my essays was December last year... It's a small cause of stress. Tomorrow I meet with my supervisor and we're going to try and hammer out the questions for my two 5000 word research essays. It would be an exercise that would have gone better with some more recent work behind them. I think it could be safely said that I'm now solidly behind the eight ball. Not disastrously, but certainly enough to work up a sweat.

But enough of such emo style trappings! One of the things Jennie and I enjoy is a good laugh. It's always a sign that our emotional balance is in the black. One of the things that interests us is the broad variety of what people find humorous. There's been several occassions when we've found something "hi-larious" (to quote the philosopher Jayne Cobb) only to find people we know divided between those who end up in tears, and those who look at us strangely and back away slowly. So you've been warned. Jennie stumbled across this yesterday, and it's the funniest thing we've come across for a while.

It's Hugh Laurie of House and Blackadder fame singing a love song. It is (of course) a parody of the genre. What particularly tickles my funny bone is that he successfully subverts both parts of the genre. As the song continues he abuses both the rhyming with 'mystery' and the requirement that his song should be about his hopeless love for his beloved. It is, for us at baddelim, quite delicious.

You've been warned.