Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The New Boy

Some of you who may read this may not have received an email announcing the birth of our son, despite being in email contact with us in the past. We apologise for that. We're beginning to realise that we need to migrate our email addresses from one computer to the next. How we do this is beyond us. But at least we know exactly what to feel guilty about, which has got to help. Somehow.

So, without further ado, let us announce the birth of Samuel Charles Baddeley on 3rd May at 12.16pm, weighing in at 3.49kg which includes a respectable head of hair. The birth was reasonably straight forward and quick (albeit intense).

J is very pleased with the 'cheeky baby', also known as 'San-u-el', 'my own bwover' and 'my baby'. He tries to help the baby play with his favourite toys and hugs him frequently, and enjoys 'checking' on the baby, announcing with gravity that the baby is asleep and making shushing noises. Few babies have been welcomed as enthusiastically by their siblings as little Samuel.

Things are going as well as can be expected under the circumstances. We get somewhere in the vicinity of 'enough' sleep every few days and are muddling through in that haphazard, quasi-competent way we Baddeley's have of making it from point A to point B, often with a couple of unintended detours. This has included Mark passing a kidney stone on the weekend, something we think it would be good to avoid in future.

In the fog of sleep deprivation, we are enormously thankful for many things. Samuel is a gorgeous little boy, and he has come to us safe and sound, and is now growing and thriving; Jennie was kept safe through the delivery process. Mark has been painfree since the weekend, which is a Very Good Thing and something we pray continues. We've found and sorted a house for when we move at the end of June, which is something we are grateful to not have to think about at the moment.

So, as God watches the little sparrows, he continues to effortlessly provide for us and we are grateful. JMB