Friday, April 23, 2010

So why is April 23rd so special?

No reason.

Well, there are probably heaps of reasons. But there's no reason why we should choose today to actually post something on this poor, forsaken blog. Except that life has slowed down slightly for 15 minutes and we thought we should update those long-suffering souls who check in from time to time.

Thanks, by the way.

What have we been up to?

We've survived a really intense six months. Mark has passed an important exam and is now in the process of applying to the DPhil programme. Jennie is busy with an energetic two year old and a slightly less energetic unborn baby, which we're due to meet in about three weeks. J. is busy playing complicated imaginative games which both baffle and intrigue us, as well as continuing to make friends with anyone he meets. And we all had a marvellous holiday about three weeks ago, which was genuinely relaxing and refreshing for all of us.

That's about where we're up to.

The next few months will bring an enormous amount of change. Obviously, the birth of our baby will change our lives fairly radically. We also have to move in late June and have probably got a place on the other side of Oxford. We're looking forward to this in many ways because while it won't give us more space, it does come with a backyard and a lovely kitchen.

Baddeley's, Christmas, 2009
If you pray for us, we'd love you to pray that our baby will be born in good health and in good time, and both Jennie and the baby will be kept safe throughout the process. Pray also that we would navigate all this change well and in ways which honour God, and that we'll understand how this affects our little boy and be wise in the ways we help him. Please also pray that this house will be settled quickly or that we would find another one swiftly. And please thank God with us for the extraordinary gifts he's given us - of another precious child, of great time together and of his kindness towards us and preservation of us through a really tricky eighteen months. And thank you for your prayers. We appreciate them.

Thanks for those who keep in contact with us, even as we struggle to return the favour (though we have been doing better lately!) We love to hear from you and pray for you more than you might suspect. JMB&MDB